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JAPEC - Turnkey E-Store

Click to learn more about our individual services and options. Note that our Turnkey E-Store service ALWAYS includes total E-Business support. We are not just a supplier, we're your partner in success. You profit, THEN we profit.
JAPEC refuses over 80% of businesses who inquire about our services. Are you kidding?!? No, we're not. If we cannot help you in a way where we both benefit, then we will not take you on as a client and partner. We have over 17 years of experience and we can quickly spot those clients with potential, drive, and the insight to really harness the Internet as valuable sales channel... or not. We promise, we will never waste your time if our services are not perfect for you.
Every E-Store that JAPEC creates for its clients is unique and is suited to your individual needs. HOWEVER, we are not starting from scratch each time. We have a core e-commerce engine developed over the past decade (and kept right up to date), along with a Dashboard for easy management that are used at the heart of each store. This allows us to rapidly deploy your store, yet still customize according to YOUR needs.

Once we understand YOUR business and your current marketing, we match up those elements that make sense for you, from the design and layout of your site, to very specific marketing and sales approaches (add-on sales, suggested alternatives, rotating sales, online / offline matched promotions, affiliates, gift certificates, feature product banners, etc.)

We will guide you through the most logical approaches to shipping (and do all of the online implementation for you). We will help you select a sub-set of products for online, or recommend your ENTIRE line if it makes sense (and we will upload and configure ALL of your products for you). We'll talk about online 'departments' and logical product categories along with appropriate introductory content (and we will upload and configure ALL of this for you). We will explore what product images you have or have access to for use online and even take pictures for you in our product studio (and we will upload and configure ALL of the images for products and categories accordingly).

Do you get a sense of what The JAPEC Turnkey E-Store Service is all about? It's about customizing to YOUR needs, then taking care of getting it done FOR you. The whole point of a Turnkey Service is for us to extract the information we need from you, then put it all together so that when we says "it's done", that means you start operating your online sales channel immediately.

Launching your E-Store is only the beginning. JAPEC will only work with clients whom we can support. And when we say 'Support' we do not mean that we just watch your site for you, we roll up our sleeves and jump right into your business WITH you. Click to learn more.
We're Right Here
REAL Businesses don't hide themselves behind the veil of the Internet. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' business just like you.
Head Office:
    11960 Race Track Road,
    Tampa FL 33626
Phone: 1-727-266-5050
Fax: 1-888-299-6599
PPS Warehouse: Clearwater FL
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