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JAPEC - E-Business Support

Click to learn more about our individual services and options. Note that our Turnkey E-Store service ALWAYS includes total E-Business support. We are not just a supplier, we're your partner in success. You profit, THEN we profit.
JAPEC refuses over 80% of businesses who inquire about our services. Are you kidding?!? No, we're not. If we cannot help you in a way where we both benefit, then we will not take you on as a client and partner. We have over 17 years of experience and we can quickly spot those clients with potential, drive, and the insight to really harness the Internet as valuable sales channel... or not. We promise, we will never waste your time if our services are not perfect for you.
Your existing store may be beautiful and filled with well organized, well priced products. But your sales would be ZERO without efforts to bring customers into your store, without efforts to sell to your customers. Your online sales channel is no different. No longer are the days of 'If you build it, they will come' as that simply does not happen. If you do not properly promote, manage, and operate your online store, then it will simply become a burden on resources and a liability to your business as a whole.

That is why JAPEC does not stop at just building your online store. We will train, support, and guide you through a myriad of marketing and operational techniques for the first 18 MONTHS AFTER ONLINE LAUNCH. Just learning your e-store software is not enough. Combining your online and offline operations and marketing efforts needs to become second nature and that takes time and mentoring to achieve.

Marketing integration and implementation for your e-store will depend upon YOUR business, not some standardized formula. In our proposal to you we will include a complete outline of the marketing and operational support that is INCLUDED with our service.

Early on we will simply DO for you while you learn. As you and your staff become more and more comfortable, we will hand over more and more to you, with complete support at every step. While your plan will be unique, and will change as your business progresses, the core elements that go into our e-business support to our clients and partners are similar and may include:
  • Online promotion including SEO, blogging, coupon sites, pay-per-click advertising, relevant cross linking online forums, company forum, social media
  • In-site promotion including upsales, cross sales, alternate sales, special promotions, feature products, and content driven sales
  • Automated Email Marketing including abandoned cart service, sales and service follow up, VIP / Member list development, auto responders
  • Staged Email Marketing including product focus, content delivery, online promotions.
  • Co-relating online / offline promotions
  • Using online marketing to build your in-store sales and promote client retention
  • Using in-store sales to build your online sales and promote client retention
  • Print media off-line / on-line total integration from business cards to print ads to signage
  • Using existing advertising and promotion to build online VIP / Member list for target, direct emailing
  • Analytics analysis to better target both online and in-store merchandising to increase frequency of purchase and increase average order size.
All of these things are very, very important to the success of your online sales channel, your e-store, and ultimately may become critical to your business. But you are not on your own. You don't need to know ANYTHING at all about online marketing or online / offline marketing and operations integration. JAPEC is here to support and teach you over time and through experience. Remember, we only succeed when you succeed. We really NEED you to succeed.

Need help with fulfilling your online orders with a structured Pick-Pack-Ship service? We can take away all the burden of shipping and fulfilling if you need that help too. Read more:
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REAL Businesses don't hide themselves behind the veil of the Internet. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' business just like you.
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