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JAPEC - E-Store Video Tours

JAPEC refuses over 80% of businesses who inquire about our services. Are you kidding?!? No, we're not. If we cannot help you in a way where we both benefit, then we will not take you on as a client and partner. We have over 17 years of experience and we can quickly spot those clients with potential, drive, and the insight to really harness the Internet as valuable sales channel... or not. We promise, we will never waste your time if our services are not perfect for you.
We have put together a few narrated videos to help you become a little more familiar with the JAPEC E-Store and Dashboard. (We use these types if videos, some produced for individual merchants, to help you learn everything on the fly). Have a peek through the 'Customer Perspective' videos to better understand what your end customers will experience. The 'Dashboard in Motion' samples will give you some insights and a quick overview of the JAPEC E-Store Dashboard. Keep in mind that these represent just a small sampling of what is available to our customers. The 'Custom Solutions' video provides one example of a highly customized E-Store for those merchants who require something quite different.
Customer Perspective
Dashboard in Motion

Custom Solutions
We're Right Here
REAL Businesses don't hide themselves behind the veil of the Internet. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' business just like you.
Head Office:
    11960 Race Track Road,
    Tampa FL 33626
Phone: 1-727-266-5050
Fax: 1-888-299-6599
PPS Warehouse: Clearwater FL
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