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About JAPEC and Gregory Lowes

Click to learn more about our individual services and options. Note that our Turnkey E-Store service ALWAYS includes total E-Business support. We are not just a supplier, we're your partner in success. You profit, THEN we profit.
JAPEC refuses over 80% of businesses who inquire about our services. Are you kidding?!? No, we're not. If we cannot help you in a way where we both benefit, then we will not take you on as a client and partner. We have over 17 years of experience and we can quickly spot those clients with potential, drive, and the insight to really harness the Internet as valuable sales channel... or not. We promise, we will never waste your time if our services are not perfect for you.
JAPEC stands for 'Just Add Product E-Commerce', a company born out of more than 17 years of E-Business experience by the company's president, Gregory Lowes.

After attending the Batchelor of Commerce program at the University of Toronto in Canada, Greg was swept into the advertising and marketing industry and was there for the birth of the modern Internet. His aptitude for programming landed him in the middle of his employer's Web Marketing initiatives. Having tasted the potential for what the Internet was to become, Greg broke off to form his own E-Business Development Company, Wow DynamiX and subsequently DXStorm. Greg developed one of the first E-Commerce Service Providers in the world with self-serve systems that allowed computer saavy users to create their own online stores without the need for any programming expertise at all, AND, conduct secure, real time credit card transactions online (before doing so was common). That was almost 14 years ago...

Greg went on to apply his strong business acumen to the development of his company, and took it public on a Canadian Stock Exchange. He has provided complete e-commerce systems for, and worked on projects with the likes of, Bell Canada, Worldcom, Sympatico-Lycos, Canada Post, USPS, UPS, TD Bank, Republic Services Navada, Atomic Energy of Canada, and others, all of which have served to further expand and enhance experience and expertise.

In recent years, Greg has become disillusioned with portions of the E-Commerce Service Provider market, specifically services for traditional SME Retailers. This spawned the birth of JAPEC, an E-Business service tailored specifically for traditional retailers to take their businesses online.
"For small to medium size retailers the e-commerce options available are not ideal. Self service solutions require an immense conviction of time and effort without real guidance on how to tie your online sales channel and traditional business together. Alternatively, retailers hire companies to build a solution to save time and engage the best e-commerce practices available. Unfortunately there are a sea of inexperienced Web Developers who talk a good game, but offer little more than a huge invoice for a 'pretty', yet lacking solution. SME Retailers are the BACKBONE of consumer product sales across the U.S. and they are being underserved, or over charged in a way that defeats intentions and holds them back. I formed JAPEC to be the solution."

While JAPEC boasts the latest software based on the most indepth experience in the industry, our experience does not stop there. We are our own clients as well. Yes, we operate a growing number of online stores atop the JAPEC Engine. Yes, there are measurable revenues for the company, but there is a much more important aspect to our efforts. We experience, head on, everyday, the same shifting technology and markets that our clients experience and we are right there to adjust and adapt for our own needs and immediately pass that on to our clients. They say that those who can't do for themselves, teach. Yes, JAPEC does teach its client about online retailing, but we also do. That makes us the most valuable service provider / partner / mentor / support team your e-business efforts could ask for.
We're Right Here
REAL Businesses don't hide themselves behind the veil of the Internet. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' business just like you.
Head Office:
    11960 Race Track Road,
    Tampa FL 33626
Phone: 1-727-266-5050
Fax: 1-888-299-6599
PPS Warehouse: Clearwater FL
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