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Convince Me that JAPEC is Right for MY Business

Talk is cheap... we would rather SHOW you what JAPEC can mean to your business. Unlike the 'do-it-yourself' services, we really do need to know more about YOUR business in order to provide you with a complete e-commerce plan tailored to you. That is why we ask for some basic information upfront so we can do a little advance research, and then we talk to YOU. There is no cost, no obligation at all. In the very worst case, you'll gain some advice and insight that you don't have now. -- Complete the form below and give us the opportunity to show you, convince you, of what JAPEC can do for your business online.
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Business Information
Tell us a little about your current retail business. Product types (including specialty niches) - Describe your physical store - How many employees do you have - What are your current annual sales. What makes you unique in your market?
If you currently have an online store, please provide the address so we can see your efforts to date. If it's bad please don't be embarrassed. It is important for us to know your degree of experience so far so that we understand your starting point.
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If you do not presently have an online store (or you'd like to add to the above information), please tell us about your experience with online sales, marketing, and integrating digital sales channels with your existing business.
That's All...
And that is it for starters. After we have had a peek at your efforts to date (if provided) a JAPEC E-Comm Concierge will contact you to have a further discussion about your business. With all information gathered we can provide you with an objective plan for your e-commerce efforts. While we are a custom solution provider, do not expect a $30,000 quote for your e-store. We don't work that way. In fact, you are going to find that we set up relationships with our clients to ensure that WE succeed only when our clients succeed. While we are asking you questions to evaluate your needs, we are also investigating a short term partnership. We are not like any other service provider.

Important: We need to ask your for honest, insightful information about your business. Note that JAPEC commits to keep any and all information provided stictly confidential. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
JAPEC refuses over 80% of businesses who inquire about our services. Are you kidding?!? No, we're not. If we cannot help you in a way where we both benefit, then we will not take you on as a client and partner. We have over 17 years of experience and we can quickly spot those clients with potential, drive, and the insight to really harness the Internet as valuable sales channel... or not. We promise, we will never waste your time if our services are not perfect for you.
We're Right Here
REAL Businesses don't hide themselves behind the veil of the Internet. We are a real 'bricks and mortar' business just like you.
Head Office:
    11960 Race Track Road,
    Tampa FL 33626
Phone: 1-727-266-5050
Fax: 1-888-299-6599
PPS Warehouse: Clearwater FL
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